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Medsol Hospital offers Medsol Hospital and care for foreign patients from around the world through our facilitator connexkare inc in US

Medical Tourism Services In Bangalore

ConneXKare , Inc. is a US based corporation that specializes in medical tourism.  We assist you in finding quality care at a fraction of the cost in most Western nations.  In addition to traditional medical tourism that requires you to travel overseas we are now the first company to coordinate with medical providers that offer telemedicine.  You no longer need to leave your home.  We connect you to healthcare solutions from the comfort of your home with licensed medical practitioners.  If you are in need of affordable, evidence based, quality care contact ConneXKare and we will assist you with every aspect of travel and medical care with MedSol Hospital.

The founders of ConneXKare, Inc., with decades of combined experience in the medical field, formed this company to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. Our commitment is to provide outstanding services so anyone, anywhere on the planet, has access to the best medical facilities, technologies, and treatments available, at the lowest cost.  We do not care where you are located  - we serve the world.

To ead more about the founders of ConneXKare, Inc. click here and visit our website www.connexkare.net.

Dr. Boris Abbey, CEO and Founder
ConneXKare, Inc.
A US Based S-Corporation
Member of the Medical Tourism Association
North Carolina USA

Medical Tourism Partners Needed

If you are a Medical Tourism Facilitator, or an individual who wants to make a difference in your community, and are interested in working with MedSol Hospital please contact us at tourism@medsolhospital.com  With our skilled staff and telemedicine capabilities we can provide treatment to your clients and loved ones in need of care.  We specialize in hepatitis C cures and have the ability to serve the world with telemedicine.  No travel to India is needed..